Q1. Who is an Alumnus?
Ans. An alumnus (masculine) or alumna (feminine) is a former student who has completed a degree, diploma or certificate.
Q2. Who can become the members of JECRC Alumni Association?
Ans. All pass out students of JECRC Foundation and the current students who are willing to be in contact with their alumni can become the members of JECRC Alumni Association.
Q3. How can I become a member of the JECRC Alumni Association?
Ans. To become a member of the JECRC Alumni Association you need to register at Click here to join now

Q4. What are the advantages of being a member of the JECRC Alumni Association?
Ans. The JECRC Alumni Association:
•    helps in bringing together the alumni community on a common platform to build another channel of personal and professional support.
•    keeps the members updated and informed of the campus news, current events and alumni reunions.
•    helps the members to participate in the proceedings.
•    A unique and invaluable platform to exchange ideas and opinions to increase carrear growth opportunity.
Q5. How can I update my address or personal information in my profile?
Ans. You can update your address or any other information in your alumni profile by logging in your profile.
Click here to update now
Q6. How can I contact JECRC Alumni Association?
Ans. You can contact us at :-
FACEBOOK:- https://m.facebook.com/JECRC-Alumni-Association-1633922780206347/
EMAIL:-1.- jecrc.alumni@jecrc.ac.in
2- priyanka.shukla@jecrc.ac.in
Mobile no:-+91-9982682451

Q7. Where can I find contact information for classmates or get a list of fellow alumni?
Ans. You can search the Directory at _____________ to search for classmates by name, degree, year, company, region, etc.
Q8. How do I submit an idea or an article?
Ans. You can email your ideas or articles atjecrc.alumni@jecrc.ac.in       /     priyanka.shukla@jecrc.ac.in or share your ideas with the Jecrc Alumni Association department of the college at the given id
Q9. Can Alumni deliver a guest lecture/work shop/seminar/interactive sessions at JECRC Foundation? Whom should I contact for the same?
Ans. Yes an Alumni of JECRC can deliver such programmes at JECRC Foundation. For that kindly contact us at.
Email: 1.-jecrc.alumni@jecrc.ac.in
           2.- priyanka.shukla@jecrc.ac.in
Mobile: +91-99826 82541

Q10. Can alumni hold events on campus?
Ans. Yes the alumni can hold events on the campus with approval of the authorities. To conduct any event you may contact Department of Alumni Affairs in the JECRC Foundation Campus or call at +91-99826 82541 or email at:jecrc.alumni@jecrc.ac.in,    priyanka.shukla@jecrc.ac.in .

Q11. When will the next Alumni Meet/ Reunion of JECRC Foundation be held?
Ans. We have alumni meet in JECRC Foundation along with the convocation and small cluster reunions in different cities of India and abroad as well(Invitations will be send to all members via. Email ).
Q13. Where can I collect the photographs of Alumni Meet/ Reunion?

Ans. The photographs of the Alumni Meet/ Reunion are available with the Department of Alumni Affairs in the JECRC Foundation Campus. You can also find the photographs in the Gallery (LINK TO GALLERY) section.






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